DIY: Growing Sprouts



I’ve been growing my own sprouts in my kitchen for a few years now.  I had the hardest time finding them at the grocery store and when I did find them, they only lasted a short time before they were slimy.  I gave up on relying on my grocery store and started to grow my own.  It is so easy, requires little maintenance, NO dirt and you can grow them right in your kitchen.  This is a GREAT project for your kids as well.  Although, I still can’t get my kids on board with eating them, but at least they can have fun growing them for me!

The supply list is short.

Seeds – My favorite: a spicy blend of clover, fenugreek and radish seeds, Alfalfa seeds are another favorite of mine.
Sprouting Lid – I ordered my lids on Etsy
Mason Jar(s) – I like to use a 24oz. jar to grow my sprouts and a 16oz. to store them in.


I typically grow a tablespoon of seeds at a time.  One full tablespoon will give you a least 2 cups of finished sprouts. Place your seeds in your growing jar with the mesh lid. Rinse them a few times.  You will need to soak your seeds.  This breaks down the hull and allows the sprouting to happen.  Fill your jar with 3 times as much water as seeds and allow to soak overnight.


The next morning, drain your seeds and rinse them a few times.  Shake the seeds around the jar to space them out a bit.  Rest your jar (downward) in a bowl with a towel to catch the excess water that will drain out.  *The seed water stains badly, so use a towel that you don’t care about staining.


Rinse seeds and drain twice daily.  Store in area with low humidity and out of direct sunlight.  On about the 4th day, place rinsed seed jar in indirect sunlight so sprouts can develop their green chlorophyll leaves.  This will take just one day.  After green leaves have sprouted, you will need to pull all sprouts out of the jar for a final rinse.


I place my sprouts in a large bowl of water and swirl them around a bit with my hand.  The hulls from the seeds will float to the top and (mostly) to the side of the bowl.  I scoop the hulls out with a large spoon and re-rinse until most of the hulls are gone.


Drain your sprouts well on a clean towel.  I store my sprouts in a glass jar in my refrigerator.  They last for about 2 weeks.  They are perfect for topping a sandwich or sprinkling over a salad.  I like to eat them straight up as a snack as well!