14 minutes to perfection

The perfect hard boiled egg might seem trivial.  But, there is nothing better than a beautiful canary yellow yolk that has the perfect velvet-y texture.

I though hard boiled eggs were fool proof. But, I also thought [for years!] that you hard boiled an egg in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes.  That produces a very overcooked egg with a green [cringe] skin over the yolk that smells horribly of sulfer. I was  doing it wrong. So. Horribly. Wrong.  The perfection comes in the water temperature and the amount of time left in said water.  Times vary from internet search to internet search, but I have found the perfect amount of time to be 14 minutes in a [covered pot] of just-about-boiling water.

Place 6-8 eggs in a large pot. Fill with water, covering eggs with a few inches of water.  Heat over high heat, until the water is just about at a boil (190 degrees to be specific). Turn heat off and cover pan with a tight fitting lid. Set timer for 14 minutes.  When timer goes off, drain warm water and run eggs under cold running water for a few minutes.   If you find that you are having a hard time peeling your eggs after they are cooled, try cracking the shell all over and setting in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.  The water will seep in between the cracks and you will have an easier time getting the shell to peel away from the egg.

I like to boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday, so that my boys have them to snack on throughout the week.  I put them in a colorful bowl in the fridge, that catches their eyes when they are looking for something to eat.  It’s the perfect,protein filled snack for a hungry boy just home from a long day at school.



Sprouts…oh, how I love thee!

I get happy cravings for sprouts.  My favorite is a huge layer of spicy sprouts on a pita sandwich.  They are great in salads and I have been known to eat them by the ‘pinch full’ as a Good-for-Me snack.  They are the perfect green ‘crunch’ and they are so good for you.  They can be hard to find at the grocery though.  I remember searching for them years ago and finding out there was a recall on them due to an E coli breakout in our area.  So, I stopped my search and worry about E coli (yuck!) and  started to grow my own sprouts.  It only required a few tools, (i.e., a jar and seeds) no dirt, minimal care and I could do it in my kitchen.  The result was fabulous!  It’s been years since I’ve bought them.  I’ll share how to grow your own in the coming week…..


Amazing Kiwi Berries

Whadd’a you know….another option for eating kiwi on the run! The kitchen was using these amazing kiwi berries for a small catering a few weeks ago.  They are the size of a large grape and perfect for on the go.  They are delicate though and ripen very quickly.  My suggestion if they become over-ripe; freeze them!  I am a big fan of freezing fruit as a snack.  Grapes, banana slices, raspberries, blueberries….all favorites.  I guess I’ve got a new fruit to add to the club.