Breakfast Berry Bowl

Breakfast Berry Bowl 1826

Breakfast is my biggest eating challenge of the day. I am never hungry in the early mornings and when I do get hungry,  it’s protein and sugar that I crave. Think donuts and bacon. Oh boy! So, in an attempt to leave that bad habit behind, I worked this Breakfast Berry Bowl into my morning routine. It’s loaded with protein from the quinoa and brainfood from the berries. The added nuts are like the cherry on top for me and pack in some more protein. I drizzle with a little honey and sprinkle with cinnamon to get my sweet fix. This is really great for eating on the run too. Packing this in a jar the night before and grabbing it on my way out the door to eat while I deliver kids to school is a perfect excuse to skip the donut shop on my way into the office.


Quinoa, any variety you like
Nuts, your favorite


The night before, cook your quinoa according to package directions. I always rinse my quinoa before cooking to wash away the bitterness the outside of grain, and I add in a pinch of salt for an added bit of flavor.  I typically cook 1/2 cup of quinoa and that will yield me (4) small breakfasts. Quinoa is very filling, so you don’t need much!  If you happen to cook more than you need, it freezes very well.  You can serve the quinoa warm, at room temp or cold. So versatile!


Layer your Bowl or jar by adding quinoa first, followed by blueberries and nuts.  Drizzle with honey and sprinkle cinnamon on top.  If you are making these the night before and wanting to reheat, the microwave is your friend.  30-45 seconds and a quick stir will give you a perfectly warm breakfast.

– Gina



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